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To develop a complete and analytical report on the general macroeconomic environment and the current state of agriculture in the Mediterranean countries by providing a detailed description of agriculture, with particular emphasis on the fruit and vegetables and olive sectors in the Mediterranean countries


To determine and explicitly analyse the existing supply chains for fruit and vegetables and olive oil in the EU


To build the two models, namely the productivity and efficiency model and the import demand model, by evaluating alternative approaches in the literature and choosing the most appropriate one


To apply mathematical and econometric models aiming at analysing the fruit and vegetables and olive oil sectors, breaking down their production and consumption stages and highlighting the most influential factors affecting overall performance of these sectors in the case study countries


To develop an International Agricultural Trade Model with which one can simulate the effects of various trade and market policies on Mediterranean Countries. The special focus is on fruit and vegetables markets as well as on olive oils.


To develop a complete Input-Output model aiming at the analysis of the generated impacts on national production, employment levels and household income arising from any future changes in the relevant policy scheme covering fruits and vegetable and olive oil sectors.


To diffuse the project’s work and findings to a wide audience. The main target groups for the dissemination of the project’s results are policy makers and civil servants within the EU involved in trade negotiations as well as main actors involved in the supply chains of fruit and vegetables and olive oil (cooperatives, exporters, manufacturers, retailers, etc) both in the Mediterranean and the EU countries.


To summarise the main research results of the whole project. Particular emphasis will be placed on any policy implications both at the EU level and the national level in the Mediterranean countries.