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Market and Trade Policies for Mediterranean Agriculture:
The case of fruit/vegetable and olive oil

Agriculture is a significant economic activity in the Mediterranean basin. For millennia, the cultivation of fruit and vegetables and olives has been of fundamental importance in Mediterranean culture.

The proposed project will analyse the macroeconomic environment and the agricultural sector of the thirteen Mediterranean, non-EU countries, namely Malta, Turkey, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Cyprus, Lebanon, Libya, Syria, Israel, Gaza Strip and West Bank, Jordan.

To achieve its objectives, multidisciplinary analysis will be applied. Productivity and efficiency analysis will allow the assessment of efficient and inefficient application of technology in the production of fruit/vegetable and olive oil. Consumer demand analysis will be conducted in the European market so as to analyse Mediterranean countries’ export performance and determine future trends and possible impact on EU producing countries.

Additionally, a trade model incorporating policy effects will be constructed in order to assess likely impacts of a free trade area between the EU and the Mediterranean regions under different scenarios.

Ultimately, indirect effects on the entire economy will be traced utilising an Input-Output model for a particular non-EU Mediterranean country.